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Forestry & Conservation 


Ash Dieback
Ash Dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) is a fungal disease that can kill ash trees and be incredibly costly for you and your woodland. Since the 90’s this disease has rapidly spread across Europe and now affects a lot of ash trees throughout the UK. A tree adversely affected by Ash Dieback becomes a lot more unpredictable, with its structural integrity compromised loss of branches and falling debris will be very common. Perhaps even more worrying is that this fungus can spread aerially to neighbouring trees. Tree Craft Liverpool Ltd can test and survey your trees for Ash Dieback and subsequently advise you on the best course of action to take. Saving you time and money for years to come.
Tree Surveys & Care

In order for your woodland to flourish your trees will need to be closely monitored and tested to ensure they have no fungal diseases or anything that can adversely affect the trees health and continual growth. As one tree can really damage other trees and foliage around it, it is always best practice to have detailed surveys of your woodland so you can stay ahead of any problems that could arise. Tree Craft Liverpool Ltd can conduct detailed surveys of your woodland as well as offer assistance in caring for your trees, all year round.

Thinning & Harvesting

To maximise tree growth you want to ensure that no single tree is hampering the growth of others. This is where tree thinning can be so valuable, clearing room for natural light to reach the surface of the ground allowing for foliage and animals to thrive on ground level. Of Course a great way to ensure your trees are not adversely affecting each other is by harvesting some trees so others have room to grow. Tree Craft Liverpool Ltd offer a comprehensive tree harvesting service.

Woodland Management & Conservation
Tree Craft Liverpool can consult and manage your woodland areas to help ensure they are growing well and vibrant with life. Having Tree Craft consistently monitor your wooded area will help ensure you won’t run into any unforeseen and costly problems.

Conservation is of course at the heart of the Ethos of Tree Craft Liverpool Ltd. They work to ensure that through sustainable woodland management and care, beautiful rural spaces can stay that way for decades to come.


Our Commitment To Conservation & Sustainability.


Why We Do It

Sustainability is incredibly close to the heart of everyone at Tree Craft Liverpool Ltd. Having a company built around nature gives you an added incentive to preserve and care for it. Tree Craft knows first hand the benefits trees and nature can bring to people’s lives and the surrounding community. Tree Craft Liverpool Ltd always put conservation and sustainability at the centre of their plans so they know what they do is helping the local environment.


Often people believe that reforestation means planting millions of trees all at once. While large scale projects around the world are doing this, smaller companies and individuals can play their part as well. Tree Craft Liverpool Ltd have planted thousands of new trees throughout their years of trading, also managing woodland areas for clients ensuring trees can grow and flourish.


Of course a key aspect to any sustainable business is recycling. Whether it be equipment or debris from a site clearance, Tree Craft Liverpool Ltd always dispose of and recycle everything in a responsible manner.

Creating A Better Future

Tree Craft Liverpool Ltd believe in the beauty of nature and take all the steps you would expect of a responsible company to ensure they are doing their part to preserve it. Their advice to woodland owners and services in planting trees and managing land has helped ensure that thousands of trees have been allowed to grow and flourish, in turn further supporting local fauna and wildlife.

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